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Reasoning aspects of HBMS provide differnet types of support, 1) choosing the optimal operatons among several possible opeartions ; 2) handling uncertainty when sensors are delivering conflicting data.


User Support Mdule:

The purpose of this reasoning module is to support users (patients or old people) in choosing the next operation (activity) when desired.  For that purpose, an optimization problem is to be solved based on three priority measures: (1) the importance of performing an operation according to the user history; (2) the cost value of choosing an operation based on sensor history (sensor performance) ; (3) the time when the operation should be performed.

Ucertainty Handling Module:

This Module uses the Human Cognitive Modeling Language (HCM-L) to specify the relevant contextual information and then it uses Dempster-Shafer and Answer Set Programming to adjust sensor measurements to increase the performance of  Operations detection.