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To reach the goals of our vision we plan to pass several project development stages:


Stage 1 with focus on HCM:  Stage1 of HBMS focuses structure, ontology and interfaces of HCM. The applicability of the chosen approach is shown via a first prototype. Persons carrying out special activities of daily life are manually monitored in a test environment. The individual behavior observed is logged textually. Based on those texts individual cognitive models (Human Cognitive Model, HCM) of this persons are modeled with the HBMS prototype. Abstraction and integration is done manually by the modeler. The prototype also demonstrates simple options how HCM can be used to support the chosen activities of daily life in cases of need.



Stage 2 with focus on observation and assistance: The next step of the project involves automated observation of behavior patterns through sensors or monitor tracking; the data gathered automatically are interpreted and integrated (semi-)automatically into the HCM. The assistance functionality is elaborated and becomes multi medial and multi modal. The prototype is expanded correspondingly.   


Stage 3: The vision of HBMS in this third stage is to make as well the monitoring process as the assistance options context sensitive. However, this final phase does not lie within the current scope of the project.