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HCM-L Modeler is a tool which is based on HCM-L meta model  using ADOxx® platform and offers the following functionalities:


In  HCM-L Modeler, all objects and relations can be connected in a flexible way. The breaking lines of object's names give the possibility to resize the elements for an optimal visual form. This flexibility is a very important advantage of HCM-L where different models and sub-models are required for complex scenarios, e.g., the visualization of different levels of an aggregation hierarchy.

Model Stepper
The stepper animates the succession of operations (of the active model) and allows a stepwise pass through a behavioral unit path based on users’ decisions. Basically, this is achieved by highlighting the visited operation. Once the stepper encounters the need of a user decision (evoked by a pre- or postcondition of the current operation), a selection window is opened where the user can choose the next step. In case of encountering a sub-unit (within a hierarchy of behavioral units) the stepper offers the choice between continuing on the current hierarchy level and walking through the sub-unit. By visualizing the operation flows that are possible due to the model’s structure, the stepper supports model understanding and validation. The long term idea is to provide this stepper functionality to end users in order to make validation possible for them. If the model contains loops, for each loop only one iteration will be considered, and the stepper stops exactly at the final operation. It means as long as the selection of the next step is always based on the user’s decision, loops are no problem.


An important function of human cognitive modeling tools is the support of querying the model for different analysis purposes. The ADOxx® platform provides the AQL query language that allows queries on models in a style similar to SQL. AQL queries can be pre-defined by the developer or may be formulated manually by a user; for that purpose, HCM-L modeler provides an interactive assistant.

Consistency check

A major issue in modeling processes is the fact that comprehensive consistency checks are difficult, in particular for inexperienced users. However, inconspicuous mistakes in the logic may affect the whole model: contradictory semantics reduce the performance of reasoning processes and yield invalid results. For the HCM-L modeler we considered two main consistency issues: (1) using the right syntax of logical operators and (2) consistent naming of model elements throughout the whole model. As an example, after clicking on the button “pre-defined queries”, HCM Modeler yields a menu of different consistency checks for every model and sub model.

Importing and exporting models

ADOxx® offers the possibility to import and export models in a generic XML format. This feature is adopted by HCM-L modeler in order to allow transforming models to other formats, as used e.g. by inference or reasoning tools.

Reasoning support
Both, model and rule based reasoning approaches for behavior modeling, require the extraction of different features out of the given overall model. HCM-L Modeler, among others, offers the possibility to calculate the frequency of specific activities based on the user history: every operation is supported by a percentage value.  Furthermore, it delivers for every operation the smallest number of the remaining operations (i.e., operations to be executed) until reaching the current BU’s goal, together with all possible paths leading to that goal and under consideration of all subunits.

Media Files
HCM-L Modeler offers the possibility to upload media files (video, audio and images files in different formats) into the tool. This feature allows using such files for visualizing complex issues and situations in the support phase (web-based support tool of the HBMS-System).